Juvederm Ultra XC Lip Filler || My Experience March 2016

See my recent experience with having Juvederm Ultra XC injected into my lips. You won’t see the procedure itself, but you’ll see before and after pics/video footage. Thanks!

Here’s a link to my previous video about my experience with lip enhancement via Restylane Silk:

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20 thoughts on “Juvederm Ultra XC Lip Filler || My Experience March 2016

  1. Your lips look great Michelle! So natural too. Thank goodness it lasts one year so you don't have to go through the discomfort until next year. Oooh how fun it will be to play with all your lippies!! XOXO ~Olivia

  2. They look awesome!! Good thing it last a year!! It's amazing that we can do things like this nowadays I love it!!!?

  3. Hi Michelle, I'm happy you're pleased with your result. I'm not a fan of the lip injections but whatever makes you happy! xoxo Joan

  4. Michelle yours look great, I want to have this done but I am chicken(it does sound paniful) and David is against it (but I am working on him,ha ha) I also think you have a great doctor! I hope you are having a great week! XOXO

  5. I have thin lips, but I don't really have any desire to have lip filler. Glad you are happy with the result! Thanks for sharing your process and journey.

  6. There ya go my sweetheart. Now, you look like you could suck the chrome off a pickup truck. LOL! LOVE the LIPS You look so SEXY. Good job. Love ya girl! xoxo Sharon

  7. Looks great! One day I want to have this done. I love the full lip look so much. You look amazing! xoxo Anne

  8. Thanks for doing this Michelle…it makes it less scary and gives us an idea of what to expect if we were to want to try this ourselves sometime! xoxox Mary

  9. Hi Michelle ! Your lips look so plump and gorgeous ! Love the results ! Thank you for taking us on your journey ! Xox Isabelle

  10. I thought your lips looked nice before, but, there definitely is a difference and glad you're happy with the results! They are very nice, thanks for the info, now go show them lips off girl!! ;)Have a blessed week my friend !

  11. Looks nice, have you ever thought of the long term of doing this, like effects and such? I'm just curios,,TFS, you look very pretty xo

  12. Looks good and I'm glad you are happy with the results. I'm not sure I would do it but I'm afraid of the "botched" looks I've seen online. Great info though.

  13. Love it Michelle! I am going to have mine done again… It has been almost 2 years since I had my fillers and I needed to find a doctor here in FL. My doctor that give does my migraine botox mentioned a product that she likes called Silk… I think it is a Restylane product. I am waiting until I get my stomach issue under control before I do it… One pain at a time, LOL… Thanks so much for sharing, love the video… Hugs, Heidi

  14. oh wow – I hate pain and would not do this – you are very brave – happy for you xoxo

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