Monica’s Dermal Filler treatment to cheeks, lips, temples, forehead

Monica receives dermal filler treatment to her cheeks, lips, temples, and forehead.

20 thoughts on “Monica’s Dermal Filler treatment to cheeks, lips, temples, forehead

  1. how much did this procedure cost? Fillers are very expensive and they don't last very long. Also, the filling under her eyes definitely makes the eyes look smaller

  2. Wow dr chan, what a great work! I'm beyond impressed about the result.I'm from Germany and seriously thinking about to visit you in your clinic to get exactly the same kind of treatment like monica. Please, could you give an idea about what that kind of treatment would cost? Best regards

  3. Now he is a professional. People doing fillers in WI do not go to his careful extent, no wonder i have not had effective results.

  4. Sad when people use cosmetic procedures to fix problems that don't exist. She is already pretty with no noticeable issues i.e. undereye bags etc. I guarantee she will continue to tweek her face until she has that plastic look like Kim Kardashian which cannot be reversed. It's downhill from here..

  5. she has the most beautiful eyes, with that dark hair. what a beauty! and i have only just watched the first 40 seconds of the video before the procedure

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