My Honest Lip Injection Vlog + Experience

Hey lovely. This may be a slight shock for many of you, as this is the first time I’m announcing that I had 1ml of juvederm in my lips last week.
It would mean the world to me if you would listen to my reasons in the video to understand why I made this decision. I definitely do NOT want to convey a message that cosmetic enhancements are something everyone should do.
It was a decision I made for myself – and I never hide things from you guys. I am so happy with the natural outcome! My lips are more proportional and I am extremely happy. These will last around 4-6 months and cost me 9 for 1ml.
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18 thoughts on “My Honest Lip Injection Vlog + Experience

  1. I love how positive and upbeat you are during the vlog! Even knowing you were posting it to an audience who may or may not support you – that takes a lot of courage, and it's incredibly inspiring to be honest! Of course we will always support you Dani and I'm happy that YOU are happy. (And yes, I'm like 3 months late! Haha)

  2. You honestly looked so beautiful before the injections.I'm glad your happy with yourself I've been trying to convince myself for so long to get fillers as I have no top lip also. You just helped me make that decisionLove the fact that your lips look so natural!

  3. I don't get why anyone has a problem with anyone doing this. It's only hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance) maybe they're jealous because they don't have a decent pain threshold to do it themselves

  4. to be honest your lips are beautiful i dont think they to big at sll once they go fown you will want them big again the shape lovely

  5. You look beautiful even before you did it but I'm happy for you that you are feeling happier ❤️

  6. Her lips are naturally small, but she's so gorgeous, and I'd honestly never have noticed if I saw her in person without it being pointed out. It's so crazy how we all have these perceptions of what we look like and our "flaws". Glad it makes her happy tho.

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