My Juvederm Lip Injection Experience

All about my Juvederm lip filler!

If you want to see how to get plump lips WITHOUT injections, check out my video here:

I wanted to share my experience of getting my top lip injected with Juvederm. I got my top lip filled with .4 of a syringe. I am definitely happy with the results. Check out this video to watch the before and after and get your questions answered! Feel free to leave questions in the comment section and I’d be happy to answer 🙂

*Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid which is a substance found naturally in your body. It is a humectant which means it holds water very well.

**Please respect my decision and keep comments positive! I respect your opinions if they are different than mine, but do not accept put downs. Please be kind! 🙂
xo Lo