My Lip Injection Experience with Juvéderm | Mackenzie Salmon

Hey lovelies welcome back to my channel! I wanted to make this video for you all about my recent experience with lip injections. The woman who administered the injections did an amazing job and I am so pleased with them! I got a syringe of Juvéderm- half on top and half on bottom. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I know I was a little curious as to how the whole process would work and what not so I hope this helps! 🙂

The woman who did my injections is names Diana Carter. Tell her I sent you! 🙂

xo Mackenzie

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20 thoughts on “My Lip Injection Experience with Juvéderm | Mackenzie Salmon

  1. Your lips look amazing! They don't look fake at all. I hope mine doesn't look fake when I get them done as well.

  2. Here ya go the one and only FDA & Dermatologist approved for men and women lip plumping tool. No injections, no surgery & no pain. In 2 minutes or less get Kylies lips. use promo code "luvbarbie" for a nice discount.See ya soon :D

  3. someone might have asked this (sorry!), but did you do .4 cc syringe? .8 cc? 1ml? Whatever you did is perfect, so I'm curious to the amount of juvederm you used!

  4. Great video! Thanks for sharing your experience! I wouldn't have even known you had fillers if you didn't mention it! You are beautiful<33

  5. You have beautiful white teeth! Can you share what you used to get them that white? Also, where is Diana Carter located? Thanks! :)

  6. Wow I got mine last night and they're huge. I walked out regretting them so much. I really hope mine turn out goodDid you find they feel really like thick and bigIt's bothering me the thickness I got juvederm xc

  7. Hey Mackenzie! My boyfriend is opposed to me getting juvederm, but I've been interested in getting lip injections for awhile. How did you approach your boyfriend when you'd decided you were getting them? I know it is ultimately my choice, but of course, we still care about our significant others' opinions!

  8. and sombody was working on her nose, her nostrils collapsed, stupid women, ruining their natural look… can go on botched now

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