My Lip Injection Experience with Juvederm

This is a video on my experience with Lip Injections using Juverderm!


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20 thoughts on “My Lip Injection Experience with Juvederm

  1. You look perfect I love how they turned out!!! I just had my top lip injected, and a little at a time is what I was told BUT…you look amazing! My top lip is pouty, so I need a little volume! I like Juvaderm a lot, it's probably the best decision I have made in avwhile! Lovin it!!!! 😉 ♥♥♥♥AndiMae

  2. some peoples lips aren't made to be bigger. They still look very thin, I can imagine how they they were before. But you are very beautiful regardless

  3. I find it a bit odd that it hurt so bad.  I have been doing research on this as I might want it done as well and many people have said it doesnt hurt what so ever.  I think most people get some sort of numbing cream in addition to the lidocane thats within the juvederm.  Also you can ask for a dental block which is supposed to make it painless 

  4. The first time I had a lip augmentation I cried to! And I had numbing cream and anesthesia injections before the procedure. 

  5. You look great, but I noticed a lot of women in on yt are getting lip injections. And most look of them good. A few years ago it was implants. We'll see in the future maybe fake butts? Don't know but it's interesting. 

  6. Some places will actually give you a numbing cream to put on your lips before they do the procedure.

  7. I can't believe they didn't numb your lips.That's standard procedure. You didn't do enough research to pick a bogus place like that.

  8. I'm getting mine done in a couple of weeks and I don't think they use topical but the juvaderm has built in lidocaine… So if it has the built in numbing will I feel anything? 

  9. After watching this I'll most def be getting 2 syringes bc one wasn't nearly enough in your lips. Thanks for this video it really helped bc I'm gettin mine done on Thursday. She didn't numb your lips tho?! Wtf ahhhh

  10. The pain isn't that bad. She probably was filling it close to the nerves. My experience was lovely. From 1-10 pain wise it was a 3

  11. If they use a numbing cream first you can't feel it at all! I get this done every year and wouldn't ever do it without the numbing cream!

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