What is Thermage Treatment? Build Collagen in Your Own Skin

Thermage stimulates your body’s own natural skin renewal process. It helps to build collagen in your own skin. It’s pretty revolutionary technology. It utilized radiofrequency which is heat, so through a process of deep heating and simultaneously cooling of the skin, you’ll actually produce new collagen over several months after the treatment. For patients who don’t want a face lift, it tightens your skin, it tightens a jowl area, it can tighten the eye area, it can tighten any area of your body. There are people who come in for Thermage and want not just their face done, but they want their jowls done, or they want the back of their knees or their arms because they’re unhappy with how things sag, because as we age, gravity affects us. The Thermage is the only non-evasive skin tightening technique that within an hour or two will tighten your face with no pain, no injections and no surgery.

The Procedure:

You’ll come to the office. There’s no pre-treatment necessary. What we do is we mark your face with the grid or any area of the body. If you’re going to tighten your abdomen, we would mark your abdomen with the grid. After we mark the abdomen or the face or jowls, whatever area you’re treating, we then use this radiofrequency technology to heat the skin. We use multiple passes so it could take an hour to two hours to treat say your face or the jowls in a given treatment, but it’s only one treatment. It doesn’t hurt. It’s a completely painless procedure and it’s full of what I call “audience participation” because we ask you while we’re doing the procedure does it hurt. If it hurts, it means we’ve put the heat up a little bit too high and we’ll lower it. It’s adjusted specifically for each individual patient.

After the Treatment:

If you’re treating a face and lower neck, which is traditionally what most patients come in for, you can plan on being in the office for up to two hours. When you leave, there is no downtime. You can resume your general activity. There’s no pain afterwards. There’s no treatment necessary afterwards. Then within three, four, five, six months, you’ll see the ultimate effect of the treatment, which is basically, you’re building collagen. Collagen is the building block of the skin, so while producing new collagen, you’re giving yourself younger-looking, healthier-looking skin and tightening your skin at the same time.

Is there a Downside?

There is no downside to this procedure. It is completely painless and that’s why I think it appeals to a lot of patients who don’t want to go into the knife, don’t want to have surgery, don’t want to have injections, and overall, don’t want to have any pain. I think in that sense it’s really the ultimate procedure because you only have to do it one time and it’s highly effective. The results from the procedure will last up to two to three years. There are patients who come every few years to have the Thermage done again because they have such good results, but over time as you age, you may need to have the Thermage done repeatedly so that it can plump back the collagen.

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